CARL – The Competency Assessment for Responsible Leadership

The world needs more responsible leaders

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CARL Competency Dimensions

Stakeholders Relations

Identifying and integrating stakeholder groups. Dealing with conflicting interests and find consensus. Appreciating the positive in diversity

Systems Understanding

Understanding systems and their inter-dependencies. Seeing the big picture. Working across boundaries. Defending long term perspectives

Ethics and Values

Knowing your values and what’s right and wrong. Acting according to ethics and values. Being honest, fair, and responsible

Change and Innovation

Understanding the drivers and enablers of innovation. Acting to bring about change. Being open, curious, courageous and adaptable.


Knowing yourself and understanding the importance of reflection. Learning from mistakes. Sharing your developmental challenges

CARL Domains of Action (Degree of Mastery)



A simple way for you to measure Responsible Leadership competencies for individuals or groups

A concrete way of tracking the effectiveness of Responsible Leadership education

An effective way of evaluating the impact and the gaps in Responsible Leadership training offerings

CARL is a multi stakeholder initiative endorsed by: