CARL – The Competency Assessment for Responsible Leadership

A simple way to assess your existing Responsible Leadership Competencies

For individual CARL assessment there is no need for a Group code, just leave the field blank and pass to the next step.

Get ready

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. (the test takes about 7 minutes)

Fingers on your key board

Place your fingers on your I and E keys of your keyboard. That’s how you will share your agreement or disagreement with the statements.

Take a group Assessment

If you are teaching Responsible Leadership, or would like to discover the Responsible Leadership profile of an organizational team then take a CARL team test. Check out how here.

Take the Assessment

Read through the statements and indicate your agreement or disagreement. Don’t think too deeply, CARL is not an exam. It’s about capturing your thoughts or preferences.




CARL is a multi stakeholder initiative endorsed by: